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Tufftriding is a proprietary low temperature surface hardening process. The components are placed in a heated salt bath where a reaction takes place between the salt melt and the surface of the components. During the reaction nitrogen and carbon are absorbed and diffused. Tufftriding is similar to Nitriding but results in a far more ductile layer and is
applicable to a wider range of materials.

The layer reduces wear by not only increasing the surface hardness, but lowering the coefficient of friction

Processing Equipment

As with all our processing Ace-Heat Treaters is able to tailor procedures to suit your requirements. Typically the Tufftriding process consists of jigging the components, preheating, heating in the salt bath at 570/600 deg C, stabilization in an oil bath, cleaning and oiling.

The constituents of the bath are checked daily by chemical titration, and the bath’s performance checked against known samples


Unlike other low temperature surface hardening processes, Tufftriding can be performed on low grade materials, even mild steel. It should be noted however that the better the grade of steel the better the result.

Applications for Tufftriding include:

  • Cast iron crankshafts have greater wear resistance and improved fatigue life when Tufftrided
  • Die forging tools – Tufftriding is not softened on re-heating
  • Forging dies
  • Automotive valves
  • High precision gate valves
  • Gear racks, where conventional heat treatments would result in excessive bending
  • Steam cooking equipment that requires wear and corrosion resistance
  • Austenitic stainless steels
Tufftriding is a low distortion process. Most of our customers do not detect any change in component dimension after Tufftriding, provided they follow low stress procedures. As always we recommend that you discuss your application with us before beginning the project

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