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Gas Carburising

Gas Carburising


Gas Carburising is a case hardening process in which carbon (introduced by carbon rich gas atmosphere) is dissolved at the surface of a steel component to produce upon quenching a hardened surface layer to a required depth.


Component suitability

  • Gears
  • Shafts
  • Levers

Advantages of Gas Carburising

  • Produces a hard wearing surface while maintaining a core strength (depending on the material)
  • Parts may be selectively carburised on certain surfaces by applying a protective coating to non carburised surfaces

Typical materials

EN36A, 8620 and other designated case hardening alloyed steel.

Gas Carburising Furnace types available

Sealed quenched furnaces, rotary retort furnaces.

Possible limitations

Distortion of component could be expected and a grinding allowance may be necessary.
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