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Neutral Hardening

Neutral Hardening


Neutral hardening is best defined by breaking down the name. Hardening of steel occurs by heating the steel within the austenitising range applicable to the particular grade then cooling rapidly enough to transform the structure to martensite. Broadly speaking the amount of Carbon in the steel controls the level of hardness achievable, while the level of alloying elements such as chrome and boron dictate the depth of hardening.

Neutral hardening refers to heating the steel in a neutral environment so that the surface of the steel does not lose or gain carbon in the process. At AMTS we utilize an Endothermic generated gas, which is a mixture of carbon monoxide (~10%), carbon dioxide (~5%), hydrogen (~10%) and nitrogen

Processing Equipment

At AMTS the bulk of the neutral hardening is processed in Sealed Quench
furnaces, often referred to as Integral Quench Furnaces . One of the advantages for the customer of using sealed quenches is that the quench tank is also under atmosphere so that the components appear clean and bright without any scale formation.

A sealed quench furnace can be used for a wide variety of components and processes. Our largest unit s useful dimensions are 1800 x 1200 x 900 and can handle up to 1400 kilograms in a single load. After hardening components are tempered to achieve a structure of tempered martensite and a hardness suited to working requirements

Quality Assurance & Customer Service

The latest in atmosphere detection and control systems are used to ensure that each batch conforms to the required standard. Careful control of the processing atmosphere allows us to product high quality predictable and repeatable case structures.

As always we ask that you involve AMTS at the planning stage of a project so that we can help you achieve the best and most economic results.

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