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Shot Peening

Shot Peening


Shot Peening
Shot Peening is a metallurgical process that induces a surface layer of residual compressive stress. The compressive stresses resist initiation of fatigue cracks and subsequent growth into substrate material. Shot Peening is routinely used on mechanical components to increase fatigue life.

All highly stressed components subject to cylic loads during service will benefit from Shot Peening. Common applications include springs, gears, shafts, connecting rods and various transmission components.

Processing Equipment

AMTS has a wheel peening machine suited to delicate parts, a large tumblast machine suiting volume production, and an air peening machine capable of selective peening a wide variety of larger components.

Our multi-axis, PLC-controlled air peening machine, shown at right, is the first high tech machine available to service Australian industry.

For further information on the Shot Peening services we offer, send us an email or alternatively send an online Inquiry form.

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